Towing Company

Bronx, NY

Are you a business owner with a parking lot that's out of control? Do you have problems with vehicles blocking your alleyways and loading docks? You've probably figured out that simply posting signs doesn't work. They're easy to ignore and most people will do just that. But add "violators will be towed without notice and at their own expense" and people start to pay attention. What you need is a towing company on call to do just that, we can help. Here at D M Towing Corporation, we can set you up with a contract and take care of any unauthorized vehicles so that your parking spaces are left free for customers who actually want to do business for you. We can also take care of abandoned cars and vehicles which are illegally parked anywhere else on your property. Our fully licensed drivers and reps will take care of everything, all you have to do is pick up the phone and let us know when there's a problem. We'll deal with the owners of any towed cars and our signage, which we'll make sure is easily seen, will provide all our contact info. All towed vehicles will be take to our facility in the Bronx, NY and kept secure until their owners come to release them.

Our towing service is provided 24/7 and we take care to provide the most professional service possible. Our drivers are fully licensed and our trucks clean and well-maintained. We can tow just about any truck or car and can provide a flatbed if needed for an additional fee. Call us today and see how we can help your business and take away the hassle of unauthorized vehicles using your lot. Our reps are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are on contract with us or have an emergency, we'll be there for you!