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Information: When your check engine light comes on, you might get worried. With that light, just about anything could be wrong! You know that your engine is a very complicated piece of machinery and you want to be absolutely sure that it is back in working order when you take it in to get fixed. Well, if you want to treat your car with the respect that it deserves, then pull over and give us a call right away so a mobile auto repair specialist can come and take a peek.. At D & M Towing Corporation we take serious care of you vehicle. No matter what you may need, we will be able to help you out. Our auto care experts take every single car they work on incredibly seriously. Here at D & M Towing Corporation, every single car is like our own. We will give it the same care and respect that we give the cars sitting in our driveways at home.

It is hard enough to drive around in the Bronx without your care giving you problems. D & M Towing Corporation wants to be absolutely sure that your car is in perfect running order when you leave and we want to be sure that you are completely happy with the job that we do. So, we put an insane amount of effort into every vehicle that we care for. No matter what; you will be able to rest easy knowing that your vehicle is well car of when you bring it to us. No matter what the issue may, when you bring a car to D & M Towing Corporation we will be able to locate the problem area and have it whipped into shape in no tie. No matter what the issues is, the auto diagnostics experts here at D & M Towing Corporation will be able to whip your car back into shape in no time. Whatever your problem may be, they will be able to take care of it no time whatsoever. Whether we can fix it in person or you need a towing company to come get yo can do more in depth work, we are here to assist you! Learn More

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